Soundtrack Saturday #1: Mississippi Goddam by Nina Simone

Mississippi Goddam by Nina Simone

On Saturdays over the next month and a half, we will be sharing songs that are playing in our rehearsal rooms as seven casts prepare for the World Premiere Conversation of Byhalia, Mississippi in seven cities. It seemed only appropriate to start with Nina. There was never any question, really.

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It took her an hour to write “Mississippi Goddam.” A freewheeling cri de coeur based on the place names of oppression, the song has a jaunty tune that makes an ironic contrast with words—“Alabama’s got me so upset, Tennessee made me lose my rest”—that arose from injustices so familiar they hardly needed to be stated: “And everybody knows about Mississippi, goddam!” Still, Simone spelled them out.Claudia Roth Pierpont, The New Yorker, August 11, 2014

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