Sneak Peek Sunday(ish): October 7th, 2014- Daeshawna Cook

October 7th, 2014 Reading of Byhalia, Mississippi in Chicago

The blog catch-up continues with our Sneak Peek Sunday(ish).

OctoberThe following scene between Laurel and Ayesha was performed by Liz Sharpe (Chicago’s Laurel) and Daeshawna Cook. Daeshawna was the first actor to breathe life into Ayesha after Evan decided to scrap Byhalia‘s Act II and start over with a new character. Daeshawna has been seen at The New Colony previously as Lady LaDuca in B-Side Studio (which you can watch here!) and as Kitty Toots in Plastic Revolution.

Daeshawna is one of the many crucial actors who have given their time and talent over the past few years to help develop this new world premiere play.

You’re the best Day Day!

From Act II Scene 1

LAUREL: You need to leave.

AYESHA: You need to leave Laurel. You think you can raise a black man? Huh? You think you know how to prepare him for this world? You don’t know his world. You’ve never lived in it, you know nothing about it.

LAUREL: I love my baby. All that matters.

AYESHA: Not here it’s not. If you love him, then get him out of this town. Otherwise-

LAUREL: Otherwise, what? 

AYESHA: You’re a terrible mother.

<<Soundtrack Saturday(ish) #3: Lucinda Williams__Alfred ‘Skip’ Robinson and Mississippi in the 1970’s>>

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