A Tour of the Town of Byhalia

The town of bye-HAIL-yuh
Let’s say it together y’all. bye. HAIL. yuh. 
And yes…some from the area just like to ignore that pesky L.


Before having a Conversation about this play, let’s all confidently pronounce it. Either way. The L is optional.


Where are we?

Byhalia is 17 miles south of Memphis, TN and sits near the Tennessee-Mississippi stateline.  The name is a Chickasaw word for Great White Oak. IMG_2121

Roughly everyone in the surrounding region, even if they’ve never been to Byhalia, can sing you the Byhalia Tire and Battery radio jingle. IMG_2021

William Faulkner died in Byhalia in 1962 at Wright’s Sanitorium. The Sanitorium is no longer there, replaced by a Shell station on Highway 78.


Byhalia is the home of the Indians, the mascot of both the Byhalia High School and Middle School.



Odds and Ends:

Population: 1277 (data from 2012)

Byhalia Residents: White: 644 (49.5%) Black: 582 (44.7%) Hispanic: 52 (4.0%) Other Races: 24 (1.8%)

Byhalia is located in Marshall County, Mississippi along with the city of Holly Springs and the town of Potts Camp.


Byhalia Road is a long extension of MS Highway 309 that runs north past the stateline into Collierville, TN. “Byhalia Road” by singer-songwriter Garrison Starr, a native of Hernando MS, is included on her album The Girl That Killed September.


The following are photos submitted by playwright Evan Linder.
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You can read more about the town of Byhalia at

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