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January 6th, 2016

It’s All Happening

We are two days away from audiences in four cities attending full productions of Byhalia, Mississippi by Evan Linder before starting a conversation that includes seven cities and eight theatre companies.

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Updated: January 17th

Review: Chicago Tribune; Chicago, IL

(★★★½) I've long been interested in Linder's work. But it took until Monday night for him to deliver an honest-to-goodness play. By that I mean a really good new American drama: something wise, truthful, funny and moving; a piece that other theaters should do; a script that hangs easily with shows by the leading writers of our day and a show that might bring a little moistness to one's cheek. BYHALIA, MISSISSIPPI is that play. I fell for it quite hard. I think you would, too. It's lovely. - Chris Jones


Review: Chicago Theater Beat; Chicago, IL

(★★★★ out of four) This is a beautifully acted and brutally realistic exploration of betrayal and the price of truth...BYHALIA is uncompromising in its peeling away of the layers of a hypocritical façade that are not unique to the American South, from whence playwright Linder comes. - Clint May

Review: Chicago Theatre Review; Chicago, IL

(Highly Recommended!) ...that realism comes from Tyrone Phillips’ direction and John Wilson’s spectacular set, which not only captures the dated furniture and weather-worn wooden siding of the Parker’s country home, but even the gravel outside their front original, challenging play that only furthers the Chicago theater community’s peerless examination of race in the 21st century. -Peter Thomas Ricci



Review: Chicago Reader; Chicago, IL

(Highly Recommended!) A world-premiere coproduction from the New Colony and Definition Theatre Company, this superb play by Evan Linder follows Jim and Laurel Parker, “proud white trash” in the titular Mississippi town...Directed by Tyrone Phillips, the work broadens into a thoughtful examination of racism’s tentacles and the grip they have on even the most intimate of relationships.-Marissa Oberlander

Evan Linder and Jeffrey Owen Freelon Jr in Chicago (photo by Joe Mazza)

Evan Linder and Jeffrey Owen Freelon Jr in Chicago (photo by Joe Mazza)

PREVIEW: American Theatre Magazine;
“Ripped From the Headlines: ‘Byhalia, Mississippi’ Makes Simultaneous Premieres”

Evan McCarley and Jillian Barron in Playhouse on the Square’s Memphis production

Review: Mooney on Theatre; Toronto, ON

Byhalia, Mississippi is a resonating and intense work of art that had me gasping on the edge of my chair. Lines from this charged play by Evan Linder keep echoing in my mind...Do yourself a favour and make this your first play of 2016. - Catherine Jan

Review: Broadway World; Memphis, TN

...after seeing the play, I realized that I was guilty of preconceived notions and misconceptions - a shortcoming shared by black and white characters alike in Mr. Linder's probing, ambitious work...Byhalia is simply a microcosm; it is as representative of us as a nation as is Grovers Corners in Thornton Wilder's OUR TOWN. - Joseph Baker

Review: Digital Journal; Toronto, ON

...if the intense Toronto production directed by Jill Harper is typical, this drama is essential viewing no matter what city you’re in. - Jeff Cottrill

PREVIEW: Memphis Flyer; Memphis, TN
PREVIEW: Now Toronto; Toronto, ONhappening
PREVIEW: The Post and Courier; Charleston, SChappening
PREVIEW: Charleston City Paper; Charleston, SChappening
PREVIEW: The Commercial Appeal; Memphishappening

After Seeing Byhalia, Join Us on January 18th!

Remember to join us on January 18th when our Conversation culminates in a live talkback connecting audiences and creative teams in these seven cities!

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